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Transponder keys are another solution for cars that have transponder technology. These keys have a small circuit embedded in the plastic head. If the circuit isn’t activated, the car won’t start. It also protects against theft. Because the chip isn’t easily duplicated, thieves can’t start the car without the right code. Therefore, if you’re ever locked out, you can use a car key replacement service to get back in your car.

Whether your car is old or new, car keys and lockouts are frustrating. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips to keep yourself calm and avoid being stuck in this situation. First of all, call 911. If you can’t reach your car, call someone who has spare keys. Otherwise, call 24-hour Lockouts for professional help. You’ll be glad you did! It’s the best way to get back into your car, and it’s free and easy.

Aside from carrying spare keys, it’s important to have a backup set of car keys. Keeping extra keys in a pocket or a safe deposit box is a good idea, but don’t forget to keep a copy somewhere safe. Electronic key fobs can stop working, or the battery can run low. Never get caught without a spare key. Finally, don’t forget to add the number of 24-Hr Lockouts in your phone’s contacts!

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